We love fabric…everything about it; how it’s made, what it can do and, of course, how it looks. In fact, you could say we’re obsessed with it.

Our passion began 25 years ago when we discovered a revolutionary way of eliminating creases – the fabric steamer. We immediately saw its potential for speed and efficiency and as a result we developed the very first Propress steamer.

Today, we have perfected the art. We are entirely dedicated to building steamers (that’s all we do) and this has driven us to create the ultimate steamer that does what you want it to do – and fast.

Our steamers don’t just give fabric a smooth finish - they literally breathe life into it, instantly removing creases and wrinkles in a fraction of the time of a conventional iron. Light and easy to use, the results are always the same on any fabric, from silk dresses to brocade curtains - material that hangs perfectly and looks beautiful.

In a highly competitive marketplace where presentation is everything and can make the difference between getting a sale or losing a customer, we think that counts for a lot and we are sure that you do too.


Our Promise

We want you to get the most out of your steamer, day in, day out, and so we offer an unparalleled level of service. If you need it, we can give you comprehensive training to ensure that you get years of cost-effective and trouble-free use and we will deal with any safety issues too.

If you need specialist advice, we will help you immediately(all our professional team come from textile and retail backgrounds so you know we’ll be speaking the same language). And if your steamer needs a service we will collect and deliver it as fast as we can, to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Your feedback is invaluable. Over the years, our
customers’ different uses and needs have inspired us to keep on improving and refining our designs.

One last point

We have a very broad range of clients, from leading
multinational companies and brands to individual
professionals. Everyone is very important to us, no
matter how big or how small they are, and everyone gets the same dedicated service.