Cashmere Nozzle Brush

Designed for use on cashmere coats as well
as velvet and other forms of upholstery.

Simply clips onto the aluminum nozzle on your
hose to allow steam to pass through
the centre of the brush unrestricted.

Carrying Case

Lightweight, functional and robust carrying
case, ideal for use by curtain makers and
stylists as well as in film and TV wardrobes
and at exhibitions.

Central carrying handle and twin lockable
latches with enough space for your Propress
Steamer 2 hoses, water bottle, funnel,
extension lead and more.

44 cm x 44 cm x 42 cm

Choice of Hoses

Your Propress Steamer can be supplied with
either our standard 1.65 metre clothing hose
or a 2 metre drapery hose. If you require more
flexibility you can order an additional
clothing hose or drapery hose.


Drapery Kit

Enables high drop curtains, drapes and
marquee linings to be steamed at heights of up
to three metres, without the use of a ladder.

Consists of a 3 metre hose assembly complete
with aluminium nozzle and coupling to connect
to a Propress Steamer, 3-part collapsible pole
assembly with rubber handle grip.