Mobilefold Station

The Mobilefold is designed to fold shirts, sweaters,
sweatshirts, trousers and towels quickly and easily, with a consistent fold every time, regardless of size or style.

Built to last, the Mobilefold is constructed specifically for
commercial use, with a steel frame, snag-resistant plastic panels and pliable joints, making it both flexible and durable. It features an adjustable centre panel 7-13 inches to achieve various folding widths and to create different visual effects.

The Mobilefold's mobile and ergonomic design makes it easy
for both men and women to use it anywhere; on the
display floor, stock room or when window dressing. It
also features a utility shelf, and its slim shape and steel
mounted castors make it easy to guide through tight
display aisles.

Size: L 76 cm x W 52 cm x H 93 cm.

Mobilefold Tabletop

A lightweight version of the Mobilfold Sation, designed for use on a counter or tabletop, it features the same patented adjustable width centre panel as the Station. Ideal for smaller shops wher space is at a premium.

Size: L 76 cm x W 27 cm x H 7cm

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