Professional Curtain Fitter’s Bundle

Professional curtain Fitters, this bundle is designed for you!
Our top of the range steamer, used by fashion and fabric care professionals worldwide. Powerful, portable and robust. Made for the most demanding industries.


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Professional Curtain Fitter’s Bundle

Choose the elements you need to make up your order: a lightweight 4 litre steamer with standby feature (with a 2m drapery hose), drapery kit for long drops, and a secure black carrying case to pack everything in when taking out on site. You can pick one, two or all three elements to make up the perfect bundle for you.


Technical specifications

Weight - 9.13kg

Hose length - 1.65, 2m

Dimensions - 46xm x 43cm x 45cm

Power - 1750W / 230V

Colour - Granite, cream, pink

Tank volume - 4 Litre water capacity

Constant Steam Duration - 125

Additional Information

Safety Features

Why Propress

Look after fabric

Speed & flexibility



Upholstery care

Curtain care


The efficiency of a Propress Professional Clothes Steamer translates to time and effort saved. By reducing time per garment, it reduces demands on manpower, freeing up resources and getting fabrics wherever they need to be, faster – on set, on display, in store or on the catwalk. Moreover, its reliability means that time is very rarely lost in servicing, repairs or replacements.


Propress Professional Clothes Steamers are a lifelong investment. In a professional environment you won’t find better long-term value than a Propress Garment Steamer. It’s no coincidence that nearly every charity shop competing in the UK’s challenging high-street environment uses a Propress Steamer. In fact, our models are so durable that clients often call for replacements quoting model numbers from the last century.


Propress Professional Clothes and Fabric Steamers provide peace of mind for top brands, events organisers, and anyone with a reputation based on quality and reliability. Our garment steamers love fabric, bringing the best out of even delicate fibres such as silk, cashmere, brocade and lace, rejuvenating them sheen-free. The quality and consistency of steam flow makes light work of even the toughest folds and crinkles, making the Propress Steamer an indispensable tool for soft furnishings retailers. It’s so versatile – the aluminium head even doubles as an iron to take care of precise detailing. It comes with an adjustable garment hook, allowing you to steam your pieces exactly as you wish.

Customer care

Whether you need advice on which Propress Steamer to buy, how to hire or you need to get your steamer serviced, we're here to help.

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The professional choice

Inspired by industry. Designed for living fabrics. From fashion industry secret weapon to essential home and lifestyle tool, the Propress fabric and garment steamer continues to evolve with the times - full steam ahead!

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