A great presentation, in today’s business world, is critical to success. Whether in the fashion boutique, in the showroom, in the bridal store, the charity shop or when installing curtains on site, it is important your stock and displays look their best to sell.

But if you think a perfect finish takes time and effort, think again. For speed and efficiency, nothing beats a Propress Steamer. It breathes life into fabric, instantly removes creases and wrinkles to give you superb results.

Best of all, it is completely safe to use on any fabric, no matter how delicate, from silk clothing to brocade curtains – you can even use it on beading and embroidery.

And with a life span of 12 to 15 years, it is also the best value Steamer in the marketplace, and the most affordable.


So why use a cheaper steamer which spits water, leaves your garments and fabrics wet, stop and start steaming, especially at low levels and needs replacing regularly?

Designed to perform and built to last, the better presentation achieved by a Propress Steamer will save you and your staff time and help increase sales.

A Propress Steamer produces more steam, thanks to its 21st century boiler design. The steam is also hotter and denser – giving you better results.

The key to the performance of the Propress Steamer is its unique, lightweight aluminium nozzle. It retains heat so it greatly reduces condensation, it does not spit, it does not snag. It is five times more effective than the plastic nozzle of most other steamers. But there’s more, just turn the nozzle over to remove stubborn creases, flatten lapels and even confirm pleats.

A Propress Steamer will keep steaming continuously and constantly for up to 2 hours 30 minutes with one tank (depending on the model) and for many years – some of our early models are still in daily operation after 20 years and over!


Propress Steamers have been designed and manufactured in the UK since 1979. We continuously strive to improve the performance of our products.

In Australia since 1990, our service is also second to none. We have showrooms and service centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and technicians in Hobart, Launceston and Townsville.

We provide videos covering every aspect of the use of our Steamers and our Customer Care Line is available 7 days a week. We are always there to assist our clients make the most of their quality Propress unit.

Over 12,000 Australian Propress users can’t be wrong!