Everywhere there is fabric, a Propress Steamer puts life into your stock and displays, from manufacturing to point of sale, and after. Its uses are only limited by imagination!

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    Propress Steamers for Retail and Fashion

    Fashion - from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, the fashion agent’s showroom, the catwalk, the photo studio, the fashion boutique and the fashion stylist.

    Propress Steamers for Bridal

    Bridal - from manufacture to the retail floor

    Propress Steamers for Retail and Fashion

    Film / TV - perfect results in the studio or on site, with the easy to carry case.

    Propress Steamers for Interiors

    Interiors - from the curtain, manchester, upholstery and furniture workroom, to the showroom and the shop floor, including bedding.

    Propress Steamers for Charity

    Charity stores love the speed and the results they achieve for many years with the same Prorpess Steamer