Wedding dresses often run well into four figures.

They take time, great skill and delicacy, and are of massive emotional importance to their owners.

If there’s one day in a woman’s life when she needs things to be perfect, it’s her wedding day.

A Propress Professional Garment Steamer is the most sensitive and versatile tool to help achieve this.

It is gentle on the silk and, most importantly, non drip, non spit, and non snag with its specialised aluminium nozzle.

Use them on veils, tails, and satin shoes!


Of course it doesn’t end there.

A groom and his ushers need to look sharp.

That’s why so many dress hire companies rely on Propress Steamers to steam morning suits, dinner jackets and even the topper!

And that’s not all, the marquee lining, the chair covers and table cloth all get the star treatment to ensure the perfect day goes without a crease!

Busy boutiques and Bridal shops sometimes have to fit steaming in around serving their important customers, which is why we recommend the Propress PRO580 Steamer.

Its standby function means that you can get straight back to steaming after making the sale.

We normally recommend buying it with the 1.65m hose, but the longer 2m hose can be better if you stock longer, fuller gowns. If you have the facility to hang your dresses up high, a 2m hose will make swift work of even the longest train.

PRO580 Propress Garment Steamer for bridal wear
PRO580 Propress Garment Steamer for Bridal Wear