Film / TV

Behind the glitz and glamour of showbiz is a serious amount of hard work.

Whether you are reading the news, appearing in a dance off, or the latest blockbuster movie, costumes and set dressings have to be immaculately presented.

Outfits often need to be refreshed after travelling stuffed into the back of a van on their way to the filming location.

Many costumiers and wardrobe departments, as well as celebs constantly in the public eye, have the perfect solution – a Propress Steamer.

PRO580 Propress Garment Steamer for film & TV
PRO580 Propress Garment Steamer for Film & TV

Creases drop out with ease, making your finished article look stunning – even in HD!

Propress recommends the PRO290 Steamer (with carrying case for location work).

Its hot dense steam and smooth aluminium nozzle will make fast work of any imperfections in your garments.

Need the long curtains in a stately home or in a theatre to be crease free? Try a Drapery kit.

The 3m hose and extension poles mean you can steam even long drops while still standing on the floor (no more hauling a Steamer halfway up a rickety stepladder!)