PRO290 Propress Fabric Steamer


Propress Fabric Steamers have been designed for extensive use in a demanding professional environment.

Many consumers demanding these same high standards, also now recognise the benefits of steaming at home.

In fact, Propress Professional Steamers are used domestically more than ever.

Domestic users most commonly buy the PRO290 Model Steamer. With 70 minutes of steam time, this Steamer will suffice for all but the most extensive wardrobes!

Try using your Steamer around the house too!

  • The steam will remove the creases from your curtains;
  • It will refresh your mattress and sofa; and
  • Also remove dents and creases in carpets.

Propress Fabric Steamers generate hotter and denser steam. This is a great advantage when it comes to heavy fabrics and tough crinkles and creases.

The centrally heated tank provides steam that is still fully effective even at the end of a three-metre hose. It leaves fabrics hanging perfectly, without a sheen – breathing life back into the fabric.

Its non-spit nozzle provides peace of mind for use with lighter-coloured fabrics, too. Stains can be expensive things.


Our versatile Fabric Steamers are used everywhere from antique and contemporary furniture to yachts, caravans and motor cars. They are used by curtain-makers, carpet fitters and upholsterers, too.

The hose’s flexibility and performance allow for easy use:

  • In the workroom;
  • On the shop floor; and
  • In situ at the customer’s premises.

Rest easy knowing that inevitable problems arising from transport are all taken care of!

No matter how high the drop or the intricacy of the pelmet and swags, wrinkles are removed instantly.



Our versatile Fabric Steamers are used everywhere:

  • Antique and contemporary furniture; and
  • Yachts, caravans and motorcars.

    Our versatile Fabric Steamers are used by:

    • Curtain makers;
    • Carpet fitters; and
    • Upholsterers.

    Propress Professional Steamers are safe for use on:

    • Velvets;
    • Silks;
    • Linens;
    • Delicate embroidery;
    • Leather; and
    • PVC.

    Curtain Fitters Bundles

    If you are planning to take a Steamer out on site, consider purchasing one of our Curtain Fitters Bundles.

    This is a great way to save a bit of money while providing you with everything you could need to make a job go smoothly.

    Professional Curtain Fitters Bundle

    • PRO582 4 litre Propress Steamer
    • 2.5 metre hose
    • Drapery Kit – 3 metre hose with extension poles
    • Steamer Carrying Case

    Junior Curtain Fitters Bundle

    • PRO292 2 litre Propress Steamer
    • 2.5 metre hose
    • Drapery Kit – 3 metre hose with extension poles
    • Steamer Carrying Case